Saturday, February 3, 2018

HOME, 30x40" in oils: a painting progression

I enjoy sharing blog posts of my relatively large paintings when finished. This painting is called "Home"  and the photos below show how the painting evolved.

"Home" celebrates the new home of 2 lovely people whom I've had the pleasure of knowing since previously working with them on 3 custom paintings of their beloveds Boscoe, Willy & Mollie (shown together here).

You'll see Boscoe & Mollie in the clouds in "Home", expressing the loving family bond that continues even through the veil from this world to Spirit. Painting the beautiful landscape was like being a part of a symphony of various greens and also splashes of warm golds, oranges and reds.

The first photo below shows the finished painting. As you scroll down, you'll see in the last photo how the painting began.

Enjoy and thanks for checkin' in!
Darlene Pucillo (aka puci)

"Home"  30x40" oil painting
Some details (notice that R&T's faces are about the size of my thumb).
Me with the finished painting.

Detail of 2nd "lay in" of color. Now the real painting fun begins.

Getting some color onto the canvas with the 1st "lay in"
of thin paint, with a print-out of the painting above.
Projecting a b&w version of the painting composition
onto the canvas as I pencil in the outlines of shapes.
With the help of these (and more) reference photos along with R&T's
vision for the painting, I put together the painting composition.