Thursday, August 29, 2013

Special Edition: "Custom" & "Custom-Added"

Ciao! This is the page meant to be an accompaniment to help explain the painting prices.
~ Questions? Let's chat:
~ The actual price list is at the bottom of this post.
(Also, please keep-in-mind that I rely heavily on your photos as my guides while painting. The best photos are taken with a steady hand using a camera of at least 7 mega pixels without flash.)

As they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words"; here are some visual samples:
8x8": custom only with pet close-in
8x8" Custom only: pet will be close-in

8x10": custom only with pet close-in
8x10" Custom only: pet will be close-in,

"Custom" and "Custom-Added":
(each "custom-added" feature is an additional 10% of the painting price) 
• "Examples of added features
• "Custom-Added" is "Custom" plus 1 or more additional feature, such as:
  ~ a specific but simple background
  ~ a couple of toys
  ~ the pet's name on a tag
  ~ elaborate jewelry
  ~ special pillow or blanket
  ~ fill-in for a necessary & significant body-part not shown in your photos
  ~ any other "prop"
(a complex background/setting that can be considered a painting unto itself is considered 2 custom-added, and is available in the 12x16" or larger sizes)

10x10": up to 1 custom-added feature with pet close-in
Maya:    1 custom-added is her scarf
Prince:   1 custom-added is the water
1 custom-added is the grass w/fence
Maddie:  Custom

10x12": up to 3 custom-added features
Seamus:   1 custom-added is the chair
Charlie:    1 custom-added is the grass w/bone,

3 custom-added are the background & chair & bow-tie
Zoe:          2 custom-added are the bed & bones
  3 custom-added are background & pillow & name on collar

12x12": up to 3 custom-added features
Monday:           1 custom-added is the background
1 custom-added is the water
2 custom-added are the rug & toy
2 custom-added are the background & name on collar
Moose&Rick:  Custom, $467 (pet w/person)

12x16": up to 4 custom-added features
Byron:                  1 custom-added is the staircase
Boone:                 2 custom-added are the background & pool
Tillie & Beazy:   2 custom-added are the complex background/setting, (2 pets)

Minka:                 4 custom-added are the background & toy & crown & pillows

16x20": unlimited custom-added features
Roc:                   1 custom-added is the floor,
Beezo&Scout: 1 custom-added is the floor/backgound,  (2 pets)
Luka:                 3 custom-added are the rug, toys, name-on-tag
Mr. Jager:          5 custom-added are the Matisse-inspired surroundings, the table, the lemon, the jewelry (collar)

18x24": unlimited custom-added features
Cody:                     2 custom-added are the surroundings & toy,
Bella:                     7 custom-added are the complex background & bear & foxes & deer & chipmunks & balls,
Barb&TheGang:  3 custom-added are the complex setting & fill-in for Barb's legs. $1401
(3 pets w/person)

20x24" and larger: unlimited custom-added features

AB & Jackson (44x32"):       3 custom-added are the complex background/setting & belt, (petw/person)
Beezo & Scout (22x28"):      1 custom-added is the background,  (2-pets)
Relu & Sam (20x24):           
1 custom-added is the grass/bushes, (2 pets)
Honey & Kristen (22x22):   
1 custom-added is the background & harness, (pet w/person)
Starbuck (22x28):                  2 custom-added is the complex background/setting

Custom Costume Craze:
Sizes from 10x10" to as-large-as-you-want, w/the same "custom-added" features & pricing
RegalBeagle (16x20"):               4 custom-added are the pillow & crown & necklace & lace collar

Winnie is Frida (12x16"):           4 custom-added are the background & hat & jewelry & clothes

Kole (10x12"):                              2 custom-added are the scarf & hat
The People's Queen (12x16"):   4 custom-added are the background & crown & scepter & robe
Turbo's Party (16x20"):               6 custom-added are the table & ice cream & butter & cheesecake & nibbles & tutu

want a size not represented here? No prob: let's chat! >>>
• your "WALL O' PETS" come with complimentary S&H when 3 or more paintings are mailed together to the same address within the United States.
what's all the barking about?:
 • international shipping? Sicuro; Siguran; Vous; Of Course!

* a pet portrait can also provide a life-time of happy memories of absent pets *

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bella's Dream

Bella's "mom" and I had lots of fun constructing this fantasy dream stocked full of Bella's favorite woodland delights. Lucky for me, "Mom" supplied me with lots of reference photos, to help explain her vision for the painting of her beloved Bella, who was "the most extraordinary spirit I've ever known (canine or otherwise)". I came up with the title for the painting :-)

"She considered this place absolutely magical - and so I'm thinking of a magical fairy woodland type of atmosphere. An enchanted forest... Bella absolutely loved every second of life here, barking at an enormous black bear who had the nerve to come into HER (Bella's) territory; chasing groups of deer to the edges of our property; playing endless games of fetch with the orange rubber ball (and leaping up and down the boulders like a mountain goat to retrieve it if it happened to go over the edge)."

oil painting of spirited dog in fantasy woodlawn scene
18x24" custom Oil Painting by puci
collage of many woodlawn animals from the painting, Black Bear, deer, fox, chipmunks

Monday, August 26, 2013

Buster's Snow Day

8x8" custom Pet Portrait Oil Painting by puci

As the overall cool blue tones of the snow surround Buster, he still exudes warmth by the reflected warm color tones in his white fur & ears. You just know that, as cold as the weather may be outside, Buster will be warm and affectionate in your arms.

"…my 14 year old Jack Russell Buster.  His personality is cheerful, spirited, loving, affectionate, sweet… Buster LOVES winter and playing in the snow."

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pug Zoey

Meet sweet Zoey, a blind rescue dog who had a hard life until she & her family found each other.

I thought the addition of the glasses would be a great way for Zoey's "Mom" to be indirectly in the painting with her, as well as a way to sort-of give Zoey sight through those who care so much about her.

"I bought Zoey a dog stroller so she can go with us on walks.  So far she is only good for a little while but hopefully she will get the hang of it."
custom pet portrait painting of Pug Zoey looking to her right, newspaper and reading glasses nearby.
ZOEY, 8x10" custom oil portrait painting by puci

Monday, August 19, 2013

Turbo's Dinner Party

Kitty TURBO sure knows how to throw a party! with (taste-tested) ice cream & cheesecake, butter and nibbles, Oh My! And, she's even wearing her lovely tutu and sparkling collar w/cupcake charm.

Humm, Looks like a party-for-one though kitty!

"Turbo has the mentality of a kitty still, and I don't think she'll ever outgrow kittenhood :-P She has one of the loudest purrs you'll ever hear...  Anytime food is involved though, she's the first to meow and get in line... She also has the most unladylike body posture, she'll get on her back and expose her tummy so you can rub it :)
"Turbo's Dinner Party", 12x16" custom Oil Portrait Painting by puci

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ambassador Duke

Gentle Duke loves to fish, or rather to watch the fish, so of course his favorite place is at the lake. Handsome Duke just turned 14 this year (2013).

"Duke is an American Pitbull Terrier :) And, if I do say so myself, is a great ambassador for this misunderstood breed!"
American Pitbull Terrier Duke loves to fish --by gently watching them.
"Ambassador Duke", 10x10" custom Oil Portrait Painting by puci

Saturday, August 10, 2013

MONDAY, Horse Beloved

Photos of the finished painting:
"Monday", 12x12" custom oil Portrait Painting by puci

"The horse is in a stunning head set and when I see this I think of all the hard work Isabelle did to get her (Monday) in such good shape."
"Monday", 12x12" custom Oil Portrait Painting by puci

Friday, August 2, 2013

Princess Chapman

Beloved Princess is a Black Lab & Bulldog mix. She is 13 years old here and is honored in this oil painting as she rests on her favorite red blanket with her sock monkey by her side. Her name "Princess Chapman" is displayed on her collar.

" sweet angel, Princess"
Black Lab and Bulldog mix, lying on her red blanket with monkey toy. Princess is looking up at us.
12x12" custom Oil Portrait Painting by puci


Lucky & Friends

Meet Lucky, the beloved and dearly missed Schnauzer with an abundance of love in his life and heart ...and a "mom" with just as much love.

"He ran around every night with that seal and waited for me to lift him up on the bed over and over around the whole house and yard for about an hour. I chased (followed) him every night until he got tired. He was the sweetest and funniest little guy anybody ever met, and I love him more than anybody ever loved anybody."
cute Schnauzer resting on bed, paw on fave plush toy with other toys behind. Fluffy pillows.
12x16" custom Oil Portrait Painting by puci