Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bella's Dream

Bella's "mom" and I had lots of fun constructing this fantasy dream stocked full of Bella's favorite woodland delights. Lucky for me, "Mom" supplied me with lots of reference photos, to help explain her vision for the painting of her beloved Bella, who was "the most extraordinary spirit I've ever known (canine or otherwise)". I came up with the title for the painting :-)

"She considered this place absolutely magical - and so I'm thinking of a magical fairy woodland type of atmosphere. An enchanted forest... Bella absolutely loved every second of life here, barking at an enormous black bear who had the nerve to come into HER (Bella's) territory; chasing groups of deer to the edges of our property; playing endless games of fetch with the orange rubber ball (and leaping up and down the boulders like a mountain goat to retrieve it if it happened to go over the edge)."

oil painting of spirited dog in fantasy woodlawn scene
18x24" custom Oil Painting by puci
collage of many woodlawn animals from the painting, Black Bear, deer, fox, chipmunks

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