Friday, August 2, 2013

Lucky & Friends

Meet Lucky, the beloved and dearly missed Schnauzer with an abundance of love in his life and heart ...and a "mom" with just as much love.

"He ran around every night with that seal and waited for me to lift him up on the bed over and over around the whole house and yard for about an hour. I chased (followed) him every night until he got tired. He was the sweetest and funniest little guy anybody ever met, and I love him more than anybody ever loved anybody."
cute Schnauzer resting on bed, paw on fave plush toy with other toys behind. Fluffy pillows.
12x16" custom Oil Portrait Painting by puci


  1. Dear Puci, This is really the sweetest thing to see. Lucky will always be the best little guy I've ever met. You really are an amazing artist and person. It is very nice to meet someone who cares about these little creatures we are so (lucky) to know. This painting will be a treasure forever. Thank you so much for all you did. Your work is amazing.

    1. Puci "hearts" Lucky!!! (and you too Jen!) Thanks so much for posting & for the kind words! ♥puci


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