Thursday, August 29, 2013

Special Edition: "Custom" & "Custom-Added"

Ciao! This is the page meant to be an accompaniment to help explain the painting prices.
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~ The actual price list is at the bottom of this post.
(Also, please keep-in-mind that I rely heavily on your photos as my guides while painting. The best photos are taken with a steady hand using a camera of at least 7 mega pixels without flash.)

As they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words"; here are some visual samples:
8x8": custom only with pet close-in
8x8" Custom only: pet will be close-in

8x10": custom only with pet close-in
8x10" Custom only: pet will be close-in,

"Custom" and "Custom-Added":
(each "custom-added" feature is an additional 10% of the painting price) 
• "Examples of added features
• "Custom-Added" is "Custom" plus 1 or more additional feature, such as:
  ~ a specific but simple background
  ~ a couple of toys
  ~ the pet's name on a tag
  ~ elaborate jewelry
  ~ special pillow or blanket
  ~ fill-in for a necessary & significant body-part not shown in your photos
  ~ any other "prop"
(a complex background/setting that can be considered a painting unto itself is considered 2 custom-added, and is available in the 12x16" or larger sizes)

10x10": up to 1 custom-added feature with pet close-in
Maya:    1 custom-added is her scarf
Prince:   1 custom-added is the water
1 custom-added is the grass w/fence
Maddie:  Custom

10x12": up to 3 custom-added features
Seamus:   1 custom-added is the chair
Charlie:    1 custom-added is the grass w/bone,

3 custom-added are the background & chair & bow-tie
Zoe:          2 custom-added are the bed & bones
  3 custom-added are background & pillow & name on collar

12x12": up to 3 custom-added features
Monday:           1 custom-added is the background
1 custom-added is the water
2 custom-added are the rug & toy
2 custom-added are the background & name on collar
Moose&Rick:  Custom, $467 (pet w/person)

12x16": up to 4 custom-added features
Byron:                  1 custom-added is the staircase
Boone:                 2 custom-added are the background & pool
Tillie & Beazy:   2 custom-added are the complex background/setting, (2 pets)

Minka:                 4 custom-added are the background & toy & crown & pillows

16x20": unlimited custom-added features
Roc:                   1 custom-added is the floor,
Beezo&Scout: 1 custom-added is the floor/backgound,  (2 pets)
Luka:                 3 custom-added are the rug, toys, name-on-tag
Mr. Jager:          5 custom-added are the Matisse-inspired surroundings, the table, the lemon, the jewelry (collar)

18x24": unlimited custom-added features
Cody:                     2 custom-added are the surroundings & toy,
Bella:                     7 custom-added are the complex background & bear & foxes & deer & chipmunks & balls,
Barb&TheGang:  3 custom-added are the complex setting & fill-in for Barb's legs. $1401
(3 pets w/person)

20x24" and larger: unlimited custom-added features

AB & Jackson (44x32"):       3 custom-added are the complex background/setting & belt, (petw/person)
Beezo & Scout (22x28"):      1 custom-added is the background,  (2-pets)
Relu & Sam (20x24):           
1 custom-added is the grass/bushes, (2 pets)
Honey & Kristen (22x22):   
1 custom-added is the background & harness, (pet w/person)
Starbuck (22x28):                  2 custom-added is the complex background/setting

Custom Costume Craze:
Sizes from 10x10" to as-large-as-you-want, w/the same "custom-added" features & pricing
RegalBeagle (16x20"):               4 custom-added are the pillow & crown & necklace & lace collar

Winnie is Frida (12x16"):           4 custom-added are the background & hat & jewelry & clothes

Kole (10x12"):                              2 custom-added are the scarf & hat
The People's Queen (12x16"):   4 custom-added are the background & crown & scepter & robe
Turbo's Party (16x20"):               6 custom-added are the table & ice cream & butter & cheesecake & nibbles & tutu

want a size not represented here? No prob: let's chat! >>>
• your "WALL O' PETS" come with complimentary S&H when 3 or more paintings are mailed together to the same address within the United States.
what's all the barking about?:
 • international shipping? Sicuro; Siguran; Vous; Of Course!

* a pet portrait can also provide a life-time of happy memories of absent pets *

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