Friday, February 21, 2014

A Painting Progression: Karen's Kids

Hi, I thought it'd be fun to post the progress of this particular painting:
• 21 x 53 inches
• featuring 5 beloved pets
• wrap-around (the painting to extend around to the sides)

I'll post each new photo as the painting progresses just above the previous. Enjoy!


For the most part, all The Kids are now finished. Just have to work on Jack & Abby's legs, as well as the
entire foreground; The bottom side (underneath) of the painting is not yet done either. (3-9-14)

Sutega's oil portrait is also finished. She is a beautiful Pit & Boxer mix. 

Cute little Tessa is now finished. Tessa is a Blue Healer (Australian Cattle dog). (3-5-14)

Morgan's face is finished; Her body just needs a bit more touching up.
The background & some of the foreground has been made more vivid too. (3-3-14)

Now the kids have a bit more contrast & detail. Next step: to finish each. Morgan will lead the fun. (2-28-14)

These, btw, are the main reference photos to be used for the panting.

The background (area behind the 5 cuties) is finished.... maybe. (2-24-14)

Now we're beginning to get somewhere... This is the second pass, painting in a bit more detail. (2-20-14)

The first lay-in of some color, painted with oil paints thinned out only with paint thinner. (2-17-14)

This is me (bad hair day, btw) penciling in the lines as they are projected onto the primed (w/gesso) canvas. (2-15-14)

Canvas is now stretched and stapled in place. (2-10-14)

Here it is, the bare bones of the painting: the deluxe stretcher bars w/cross braces @ 21" x 53" x 1.5"wide. (2-10-14)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Spitz, or Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu ERROS takes on a zen-like pose while representing this listing for the custom oil portrait painting in the 16x20" size. More photos as well as info on how to commission your own painting here:

Shiuba Inu / Japanese Spitz ERROS, 12x16" custom oil portrait painting by puci