Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Painting Progression: Charlie

I happen to be working on 2 relatively large paintings right now, so again, I thought it would be fun to also share this painting as it progresses. Handsome Charlie is a German Shorthaired Pointer (a regal fellow who happens to have a thing for socks).

I'll post each new photo as the painting progresses just above the previous photo. Enjoy!

The finished painting! (with details)
CHARLIE, approx. 38x26", custom oil portrait painting by puci

Charlie's face is now finished. (3-20-14)
(But of course I can already see some spots needing a hint of a touch-up.)
The chair is finished.   (3-18-14)

Details of part of the water-bowl & bottom right of the hardwood floor.
(Not the best photos/sorry about the flash.) The wall is finished too.   (3-16-14)

This is the final lay-in of overall color before the painting comes to life with
more precise color tones, highlights & shadows, brushwork, etc. (3-12-14)

It's full-speed-ahead with Charlie's painting now! A Prussian Blue mixture took the helm for
the wall base-color. I'll add a light layer/scumbling of a warmer tone on top when the blue oil is dry.

Ahhh, a little color! (and applied carefully so as not to not erase any of those guidelines). (3-7-14)

After projecting/penciling-in the line-drawing onto the masonite, I still had to go over all those precise lines with a ruler to make some corrections. (3-4-14)

I've been priming & sanding the painting surface, a strong sheet of
masonite approximately 26x38"x1/4" thick.(2-26-14)

The finished painting will resemble this color composition.
It'll be an essential guide when I'm painting. (2-25-14)

These are the reference photos to be used to piece together the composition for the painting. 

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