Sunday, July 31, 2016

Peanut's Place

Beloved pit bull Peanut and her family are in their special Colorado Mountain home as I type. The furry kids love it there. But the main reason for the journey is for Peanut, who sadly has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. It is her human parent's hope for her to live out her days there, as happy and comfortable as she can possibly be.

Inspired by the love of their furry kids, a privately funded foundation has recently been launched which gives grants to programs for senior, abused or neglected dogs:

The following photos are paintings of Peanut (finished in July 2016) and of Tali & Tamah (2014 painting commissions).
PEANUT (Pit bull), 10x12" oil portrait painting by puci

TALI (Rottwiler), 22x28" oil portrait painting by puci

TAMAH (Rottwiler), 22x28" oil portrait painting by puci

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